April 2011 

Rockin' playdate with the girls

Ready for their first deployment

Mush Fen, mush!!!

That grass must taste better than it looks

Happy Birthday Mum!

Jammin' at the Ralph's World concert on Mum's birthday

Shakin' it with Mum

Fen was in fine form.  Check out the video at the end...

We even got to join the band onstage!

Posing with the Plesiosaur and Flat Elvis in the National Geographic courtyard after the concert

We had to check out the Mama duck sitting on her nest across the street outside Mum's office.

Ten ducklings soon hatched and the family moved across the street to the Nat Geo courtyard for a few weeks before the Mama and four surviving ducklings moved to Lafayette Park by the White House. This was reported in the Washington Post.

The headwaters of Four Mile Run in Glen Carlyn Park, Arlington

Fen really wanted to walk cross the "bridge"

We love streams!

Hoping the Fairy boat makes it to the sea...

Time for an art project

The Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2011!

It was the nicest day of the year so far

Thanks for the new dress and sweet shades Grammy!

Thanks for the awesome slingshot airplane Mum!

Lovely Easter brunch with Aunt Connie and Uncle Geno

We had a great visit with Tosha and her twins Talus and Becket

A day at the Zoo with Mum and Tosha's family

Michaela's birthday pinata was almost too pretty to smash....not

Loic's was the second birthday party that weekend

A little rain couldn't spoil the fun with Chloe and Loic

Rockin' at the Ralph's World concert at Nat Geo on Mum's Birthday

You can't catch me!

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