August 2011 

Happy 44th Birthday Papa!  Now gimme a piece of that cake!

A nice visit from our wonderful friend and neighbor, Tommie

We're sure gonna miss having Geno and Connie nearby!

Connie's dress almost fit Willow.  Fen, we're not quite sure if Geno's shirt and boots will ever fit you, buddy...

We hope you come visit us in Colorado Fitz, Stuart, and Cecilia!

Bye, all of our stuff.  See you in Colorado in a week!

Three days and 1,500 miles later, and we made it!

On to Denver!

We had an awesome time at Siobhan, Pam, Liam and Nathan's place until our stuff arrived. 

Cheers to s'mores!

How romantic!..  But remember kids, you're cousins!

Nathan, wishing he wasn't the oldest for a change...

Willow, showing off her might at the block party.

Boating on Chatfield Lake

Kinda scary at first, but then that boat couldn't go fast enough!

The beginning of many cousin adventures to come

The magic of bubbles

First day of kindergarten!

Yes, Mum and Papa, we're ready!

Lining up with their classmates before the first class


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