December 2010:  (November 16 - December 31, 2010)  

A flock of cute little turkeys

It's a good thing we're up here in case that elephant comes to life

Fighting to touch the tiniest piece of Mars ever

The rocks and minerals at the Natural History museum are super cool!

The best part of the trip to the museum was riding the Metro

Touched by fairy dust

Such a good dog Luna

Story time with Billy

Happy Birthday Billy!

Fun, but chilly vacation in Florida with Grammy and Grandpa

Santa photo opp with cousins Claire and Chloe

Airboat tour at Myakka River State Park

See that alligator trying desperately to get warm?

Cousins Claire, Chloe, Fen, and Willow

Awesome canopy walk!

Finally, a beach day!.. well sort of

Fun afternoon with Miho's brother and family

Welcome to your new home Jesse!

Ahhh... precious.

Christmas Day!

Yay! Pillow Pets!  How did Santa know?

Scooter's first Christmas

Making a fun and tasty yule log

Please don't call Social Services on us

Okay, now you can call

Merry Christmas!

Fen and T-Rex attack!

Lovely visit with cousins Lisa and Gina

...and their folks Geno and Connie

Fun trip to the US Botanic Garden with Kacia and Nana

Kacia, look at the camera!

Jesse thinks, "What have I gotten myself into with this family?"

We love you Aunt Connie

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