December 2011 

Practicing with their birthday instruments.



Early duet

Yay!  Fen wins Special Achievement award!

Mr. Miller's Kindergarten class

Great job Fen!!!

Fen took this one with our other great student


Celebrating Bill's birthday with our other neighbor Brad.

Not like the old days when we had room to play in here

The Kindergarten Pajama Concert!

Frosty was a lot of fun while he lasted

Ready to emerge and spread our wings!

Oh Jessie, you sweet thing...

Papa, when can we have iPhones?

A surprise visit from Santa!

T'was the night before Christmas...

Thanks for the visit Santa!

Tracking Santa with the cousins on Christmas Eve

Woohoo, it's Christmas morning!

We must've been good kids to get all this stuff huh?

Wanna race Hex Bugs with us?

A sunny Christmas morning in Lakewood at Liam and Nate's

Epic snowball fight!

Watch out for the Snow Ninja!

Let's destroy this snowpile!

Aunt Anne, you shouldn't have...

Husky fest

Thanks Connie and Geno for the cool learning laptops!


Thanks for letting us borrow your toboggan Bill and Vivian!  Now hop on this thing Papa!

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