February 2012 

Yay!  Willow wins a special achivement award for being such a great student!

Great job Willow!!!

Valentine's Day Party - with Izak, Bailey and Mini

Valentine's Day Party - with Sean, Mr. Miller and Alex

At the firehouse with Sydney

A dream come true for Fen and Liam

The new crew at South Metro 36 Fire Station

Thanks for the awesome station tour Aunt Pam!

Not sure if this one's gonna make it...  (the dummy weighs 180 lbs)

Good thing the alarm didn't ring...  (that's Aunt Pam in her full gear)

Higher Siobhan, higher!

There's a new Chief at the station!

Funny how they always seem to be in the same position when watching TV...

Visiting Millie in her house

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