January 2011

Spin me Papa, spin me!

The slide was extra fast in the snowsuits!

That's right, I'm bad!

Papa, don't you think this is a girly place for a picture?  (National Gallery of Art's atrium)

This is a perfect place for a picture of me!

Hiking the trail near the house.  It felt a bit like spring was in the air...

Stay still Jessie, you'll look lovely in this boa!

See, we told you so!

Celebrating Jessie's birthday.  Sorry Jessie, all you get is biscuits...

Good job Fen!  Nice picture of Mum, Loic, Adriana, and Willow.

Willow, can't you leave a bit more room for Jessie?  It's her bed after all..

Willow, experiencing the joy of sensory deprivation in the bathtub

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