January 2011 

At the Colorado Stock Show with Sean and Lindsey

Where's the beef Mum?

Watch out for these cowboys!

Giddyup horsey!

At least this horse moves...

Sean, I don't think this one eats hay

Football party (Pats vs. Broncos playoff game). Willow was very happy to finally have girls to
play with, though you wouldn't know it from her face...

What a treat!  The kids won a bedtime story from their teacher Mr. Miller.

Practicing for American Idol

Aren't we precious...

What are you looking at!?

Field trip to the Colorado Railroad Museum with David

Awesome visit to the Buffalo Bill Museum with Mum, Becky and David!

David, I'm not letting you up unless you promise to visit again soon!

Thanks for the super cool... and warm hats Becky!

David, bet you didn't know what you were getting into on this visit!

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