July 2011 

Yay, fun at Red River Beach in Harwich on Cape Cod with cousins Liam and Nathan!

There's so much to do at the beach!

Casting magical bubbles on Nanna's deck

Fen was popping them as fast as Willow as making them... (see video below)

Fen was instantly an amazing kite flyer.  Too bad they made him stop to avoid scaring the endangered birds nesting in the dunes... (see video below)

The start of a massive public works project...

Great series of pictures with cousin Micheál coming up...

Can you help us dig a hole Micheál?

What's down there?..

You take a look Fen?

We probably should've filled in this hole before we left the beach...

Splendid day at Aunt Deer and Diane's place

Discovering the secrets of the garden


We wish Griffith's Pond was in our backyard...

A pefect Mannion/Sullivan get-together

Like kite-flying, Fen was instantly a master of the hula hoop

Willow was a natural too.

Time for the Dragon Parade!

This dragon was not the least bit scary

A merry band of minstrels

Hours of fun with punch-balloons and fake mustaches (actually, only Fen kept his mustache on)

Back home and treated to a visit from cousins Chloe and Claire and Aunt Eva.

Dinner is much more fun in costume.

Princesses love fudgicles!

This cobra is no match for Fen the mighty!

And how does Fen get so mighty?...  The occasional cheese dog from Five Guys!

Willow eating her grilled cheese sandwich with a vengeance!

Willow swimming on her own for the first time!  (see video below)

Best Buddies, Willow and Michaela


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