March 2011 

Swim class with Flat Elvis.  He's a project of cousin Liam, who's trying to get pictures of him in as many places as possible.

Winkler Botanical Preserve in Alexandria.  Much more fun than it was dangerous.  This picture is at the top of a waterfall.

We discovered an underground "hobbit house"

Just before entering the house, wondering if anyone's home (see the video at the end)

The hobbits weren't home

Cherry Blossom Festival 2011... just before peak bloom

Dreamy scene

King of the cherry tree!

Yay, a ballerina birthday party for Cassidy!

Fen and Flat Elvis were the only boys.  They enjoyed watching the girls dance.


The little prince had his choice of princesses.

Enjoying his special status...

Off-roading at Chuck E Cheese's.  Flat Elvis didn't know what he was in for!

Making a volcano at the school Science Fair

Willow and Thamarie built a Chicken sound maker!

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