May 2012

Woohoo!  Cruisin' the trails with Papa at Crown Hill Park in Denver.

Watching the blackbirds nesting in the marsh

Lots of different trails to choose from

Kickin' some pinata butt at Sean's birthday party!

Nice contact Willow!

Okay Ryan, let's see how long you can stand here once I start jumping.

Field Day at Stober Elementary School!  Go Fen!!!

Willow was one of the fastest sack racers on the field!

On your mark, get set...

Fen had some huge long jumps!

Divying up for the Tug o' War

Memorial Day neighborhood party at Liam and Nate's.  Boys smacking each other with noodles...

...and the girls trying on makeup.

Epic performance medley at the Kindergarten Graduation ceremony.

Yay, Willow!!!  What a great first year you had!

Fen, you did fantastic and matured so much!!!

Willow, wondering if there's any chance the cake might be gluten free...

Mr. Miller's Stober Stars!

It was a fun year with Analise.

We had a blast together too Mini!

Thanks for being such a great teacher's assistant Ms. Utecht

Fen, you've got to work on your fake smile, dude. 

Mr. Miller, thanks for being such a great teacher.  We can't believe it was your first year teaching!

Mama, thanks for setting us up so well for our first year of school.  You're the best!!!

Papa, we're so glad you're here with us from now on!!!

Willow took this picture

And Fen took this one.

Watch out for the Marauding Snail Gang!

Such a beauty already


Don't worry, Papa will get caught up on the pics soon!!!

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