Willow Mannion Biasi (girl) and Fen Mannion Biasi (boy)

Born to Maura and Frank Biasi on October 13, 2005 at 11:00 pm
at Inova Alexandria Hospital, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

28 weeks and 2 days gestation (3 months early!!!)
Fen: 2 lbs. 11 oz.  |  Willow: 2 lbs. 3 oz. 

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Week 1 (October 13-20, 2005)

Willow and Mum


Willow and Papa


Willow being fed


Willow "kangarooing" with Mum


Fen and Papa


Fen gazing at Mum


Fen smiling for the camera (well, sort of)


Fen being fed


Tiny Willow


Willow and Aunt Siobhan


Fen with Mum & Papa

Week 2 (October 20-27, 2005)

Willow waking from a sweet little nap


Fen says, "Pssst... You're not gonna believe what the baby next door just did!"


Willow and Papa kangarooing

Week 3 (October 27-November 3, 2005)

Fen checking out Papa


Fen says, "Have we met before?"


Willow looking quite elfish in her pointy purple hat.


Willow sleeping


Willow vogueing in her sleep


Willow doing her funny arm contortions


Dear in the headlights


You want a piece 'a this?!!!


No more pictures, please!!!

Week 4 (November 3-10, 2005)

Willow and Grandma Biasi

Willow and Grandpa Biasi


Willow sleeping


Willow smiling because she's getting chubby :) (3 lbs as of Nov. 8)


View through the incubators with Willow in foreground and Fen in background


Fen loving kangarooing with Papa


Proud Mum


Willow asks, "Are you my daddy?.."


What are you dreaming about Fen, you little rascal?...


Fen's-eye view


Fen bedded down for the night


Looking through incubators with Fen in foreground and Willow and Maura in background.
They love our picture in their incubators... at least we think they do.

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