Month 10:  (June 16 - July 12)


Hey, scoot over!...  No, YOU scoot over!...


Willow, stealing Fen's binky.  He didn't mind...

The binky thief strikes again!!

Willow, do you think we'll always be friends?...

Our little bathing beauty...

Our little bathing buddha

Are you using that extra toy, Fen?..

Am I a big boy, or what?..

Is it time for a snack?..

Fen, getting snuggled by Marita.

I love you too Willow

Hey, don't forget about me over here...

Outdoor parties can be exhausting...

Cousin Kevin Sullivan and family with the twins on the National Mall.

Willow, meeting Grayson Heyman and mother Peg for the first time

Willow, not sure what to make of Will

The twins with Everett and Tosha

A rare family portrait


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