Month 11:  (July 13 - August 12)  Vacation on Cape Cod

Twins on the beach in Cape Cod with cousins Nathan and Liam

Willow getting attention from Eric and Calvin

Fen, stop pinching my ear!

Fen, stop biting my hand!!

Okay Fen, you asked for it!  Eeeeaahh!!!!

Hanging out with Aunts Eva and Cindy and cousin Jacob


Fen, having a ball with cousin Ciana

Willow starting her first summer job mowing lawns

Asleep in the tent on the beach before their big swim


Okay, we're ready for a swim!  Where are my shorts?


Willow and Fen's first steps in the Ocean


No Papa!  This bath is too cold!  

Willow getting dipped by Grandpa

That wasn't so bad, eh Willow?


I think I like the beach Grandma...


Willow, not a bit phased by her first shower


Fen, not so sure about the shower thing.


Fen, you're funny... looking, that is!

Why I oughta!...


Beware the zombie babies!...


"Aunt" Jenna and "Uncle" Chris snorting like hippopotamuses


Willow, enthralled by the polar bear book for the 253rd time

Willow contemplating with Nana


Willow snacking between meals

Fen, in an angelic state

Stroller siesta

Chef Willow


Fen, sporting a fisherman's look (thanks Mum!)


Hey Willow, remember when we couldn't even sit up?..


Happy Birthday Papa!


Aunts Deer and Diane sharing the Love

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