Month 12:  (August 13 - September 13)

Making beautiful music together.  

Phew!  What a workout!

Making patty-cakes with grandma and great grandma.  



Hee hee. Grandpa, you're fun for an old guy!


Willow and Great Grandma Biasi.


Off to Cambridge UK for 5 weeks for Papa's consulting job at UNEP-WCMC...

Snoozing on the redeye flight to London.  


"Are we there yet?" asks Willow.


I'll have a Bloody Mary please.  


Willow's first pub meal at the Globe in Cambridge.  


Geared up for a Sunday bike ride.  

Okay, let's get this rig moving.  




Mum cycling the twins through the Grantchester Meadows.  


"Are you gonna finish that Guinness Papa?" asks Fen.  

Fen and Papa learning about fens.  


The family enjoying the Cambridge University Botanical Garden.  

Willow with her new friend, Woody.  


Our little pumpkins wishing everyone a Happy Autumn!


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