Month 13:  (September 14 - October 15)  End of Year One!


Our cozy Cambridge bungalow at Brooklands Court


Making a deal under the table


It's fun to be twins!!!


I like the lawn Papa

Willow looking slightly cute


Welcome home from work Papa!

It sure was nice of Papa's colleagues to lend us all these toys!


When the toys get boring, there's always the washer/dryer to entertain ...


Meeting friends in front of King's College in Cambridge

The family in the fen under the willow tree...


On the way to the pub with Jemma, Ian and Charles 

Punting on the River Cam

Uncle Colm explaining the physics of punting to Willow

Wow Papa, this punting is hard work!

Fen meeting cousin Marian at her place in Bristol

Willow with cousins Marian and Liam, from Northern Ireland


Planning our ascent up the Glastonbury Tor

It sure is windy up here on the Tor!

Willow enjoying some shelter from the wind


Laughing it up in the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey

Our last day in Bristol with Marian and her husband Mark

Willow with cousin Anne at her place outside London



Fen, shocked at his uncanny resemblance to Anne's partner Gerald...

Great Uncle Seamus meeting his nephew Fen


A row of cousins


Willow with cousins Padhraic and Shannon


In London the following weekend on the London Eye

It seems like we're going in circles Papa...

...and if you look to my left, you can see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament....

A view from outside our happy little pod

On the train to London on the twins' birthday

Fen getting a birthday squeeze from Mum


On our way to tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace

Dodging double-decker buses at Westminster Abbey


Celebrating the twins' first birthday with cousins Shannon and Padhraic

On the way to London with Anne and Gerald

Family portrait on the South Bank of the Thames

Fancy meeting Charles outside of Cambridge at the Tate Gallery in London

The beginning of our trip home after five weeks in England

Strapped into the bassinets for the long flight home...

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