Month 16:  (December 18 - January 15, 2007)  

Fen, supervising Mum's planting out front

Learning to climb stairs at Aunt Siobhan's in Denver

Bundled up for an evening ride around the neighborhood

Did you see a cat go through here?

The Great Kitchen Plasma Car Race is on!

"Liam, you should really have that bunion looked at."


Willow's favorite chair ever

Fen, strapped in and ready for lunch


Visiting Uncle Gerry, Martha, Tom and Rob in Evergreen, CO.


Willow, reading a story to cousins Tom and Rob

Howdy Pardner!

Willow eating blocks with cousin Colleen

Fen with cousin Amanda

Helloooo Nanaaaaa.....

Our butts aren't even cold in these snowsuits.  Thanks Grammy!



Come on Papa!  Swing this thing!

Cousins Willow, Liam, Fen, and Nathan, all sitting still and facing the camera!  Priceless...


Back home, playing with each other, and the furniture.


First encounter with raisins.   Mmmmm... chewy.


Willow, you got any lunch left in there?  I'm still hungry!  


We love the bathtub!!!

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