Month 17:  (January 16 - February 14, 2007)  

Hey, this diaper cream is delicious!   


Annie's food is tasty, and climbing in her dog dish is oh so fun.

It's my agent.  Can you excuse me a moment.  


Ah, now I understand the ice cream thing, Papa


Whaddaya mean, this isn't a chair?


Study corner


Willow reading about the upcoming Peace march, while Fen catches up on Mutt & Jeff

At the Peace rally, ready to March


Do you think the Bush twins are here today?  


Tosha and Willow on the march



A group photo of the peace activists.  


It's for you.  Are you available?  


Little red drummer boy.  


Our little cupids enjoying apple slices and love on Valentine's day.


Check out the comfy bed enclosure the folks built us


All snuggled up for a good night's sleep. 

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