Month 18:  (February 15 - March 21, 2007)  

We're back, and ready for Spring!


A fun reunion with fellow NICU twins Alexandra and Francesca

Look who we met in the park... our babysitter Adrianna!


Here we are on "vacation" at Nana's in Naples, FL... just before the stomach bug kicked in...


Nana enjoying an abundance of grandchildren.  Fen trying not to puke.


Mabel and Bernie, ready for the shuffleboard tournament


Strolling on the Beach with Grandpa and Papa.  Did we remember the sunscreen?..


Can we get Piņa Coladas in our sippy cups?


I want a Piņa Colada!!!!


Okay, I'll settle for some juice

I'm gonna be a Gypsy when I grow up!

Me too!

Videos  (take a while to download):

Willow sliding  


Fen sliding


Wrestling match

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