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Week 5 (November 10-17, 2005)

Fen and Nana Sullivan


Say cheese, Fen


Yes Fen, I'll spoil you rotten.


See any resemblance?..


Fen says, "What are you lookin' at?"

Just kidding...


Papa and Willow learning how to bottle feed.


Lovely Willow and Mum

Week 6 (November 17-24, 2005)

Hey little girl, wake up! They're taking our picture.


What!!! She's my twin sister!


Willow awake


Willow and Papa bottle feeding.


Asleep again...




Fen graduates from incubator to open crib


The happy family

Week 7 (November 24-30, 2005)

Fen breastfeeding


Fen says, "Oh Mum, I love you."


"You're OK too Papa"


Fen and Nurse Sharyl


Fen catching a few ZZZ's


Willow appreciating Mum's milk


Mmmmm... milk

Oh, I think I drank too much...


Yay!!! They're in the same open crib!


Okay Fen, you look at the camera


Now Willow, you look at the camera


Aren't we cute together?..


"I'm sorry I called you a poopy-head Willow"


"I forgive you Fen"


Night, night...

Week 8 (December 1-8, 2005)

Mum learning how to handle two at a time


Fen says, "Hey Willow, don't you give me the evil eye!"


"Holy cow! Papa sure looks funny tonight!"


Quit it!!! No, you quit it!!!


Nurse Marlena burping Willow with love


Dreaming about Wonder Twin power


Just dreaming


Willow and Mum


Fen says, "Look at me, I pulled out my feeding tube."


Fen and Nurse Margarita


Fen and Mum

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