Month 20:  (April 19 - May 17, 2007)  

Quick Fen! Go tell Mum there's a parking space out front!


Post-bath playtime


Natanya and Dominic's park is fun, eh Fen?


  We love the sand!!!


Hey... that little boy is cute.


Take that you barbarian!!!


Budding artists


Here Fen, try a little purple on that scribble


Phew!.. Scribbling is hard work!


Garden Boy


Annie, can you recline another notch?


Willow's favorite chair

C'mon, let's go up one more rung!


Fen Biasi, master of the backwards belly slide.


Pucker-up, brother!

Ha ha, Fen!  I was just messing with you!


The Prince and Princess of the Playground


Willow, admiring Thor's mighty biceps...


Another lovely evening at Lincoln Park...


Snackin' on the stoop

Our lovely little rowhouse at 18 14th St. NE

Videos  (take a while to download):

Fen giving the ottoman a raspberry


Fun in the sand

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