Month 22:  (June 27 - July 23, 2007)  

It's not funny Fen!  I'm stuck!!!


Suckin' back some bottles on the back porch...


It's nice to be back at Nana's place on Cape Cod


Willow with cousin Nathan aboard Noah's Ark at the Zooquarium


Bejewelled at Aunt Deer and Diane's place


At least Papa's interested in the book...


Eating breakfast like big kids


C'mon Papa, it's too nice out to do homework!


Willow, doing her best Jack Nicholson impersonation


I'm really just a sweet little girl... (sticky too).


Ha ha! Who needs utensils!


Giddyup, Jenna!


Hooray for the McLean-Biasi family cheerleading squad!


Hangin' with Calvin and Eric


Finally, a chair that fits me!


How come this horsie has no legs?


Having a good laugh with Papa


Quality time with Aunt Pam and Siobhan and cousin Nathan

We love breakfast at Nana's!


Cousin Sinead trying to take Willow home with her


Fen, please stop making that face


Willow, debating whether to journey through the blue tube


Hi Cousin Claire, can I come in?..


I guess you can have my cookie Claire, now that you've licked it...


Now this is a well built deck!


Come along now. We have a lot to do today!

Videos  (take a while to download):



After dinner


Wrestle mania  

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