Month 23:  (July 23 - August 17, 2007)  

Look Fen!  We're online!


I wonder what this thing is?...


Tandem Twins


Go, Scooter Girl!

Oooh, that mosquito really got you, eh Fen?


A day in the park with Amy, Thor, and Alejandro


C'mon Gilligan, you don't need that float!


C'mon cousins Sebastian and Isabelle.  Let's ride the Merry-Go-Round...


First spin round the Merry-Go-Round


Now this is kind of fun!


Fen's not so sure about that


Trying their cousin's popsicles

Kitchen party


After the Pow Wow dance performance at the American Indian Museum


Work that cookie Fen!


We found you little guy!


What a nice dinner out on the town.

Videos  (take a while to download):

Web surfing



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