Month 24:  (August 17- September 15, 2007)  

Go ahead Alejandro, we'll go in after you.


Hey!  Get away from my truck!


Shhhhh.  Don't tell Mum how much we love this watermelon.


Willow, you crack me up!


Can't get enough fruit, eh Fen?


Give me french fries any day!


I'll check my own ears Dr. Miller


Fen, sad that they'll only have to visit Dr. Miller twice a year from now on.


Look out for the Three Amigos biker gang!


Fen, you sure know how to have a good time, dude!


Wind up that whale, Willow!

Saying good bye to their babysitter, Adrianna, who moved away :(


We'll miss you Adrianna


Fun in the foyer


Pit stop on a bike trip around the Mall


Looking out for George Bush  


It doesn't get much better than this...

...Sometimes it does


Okay, back on the road.  Start pedaling Papa!


Man, playin' in the dirt is fun!


A little mud never hurt anyone...


Precious moment in the Sculpture Garden


Videos  (take a while to download):

Dance trio


Mowing the deck

Stuck in the trailer


Willow, no!!!!

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