Month 25:  (September 16 - October 21, 2007)  

Little Monkeys


A walk in the park with Papa after work

Ivy, teaching Fen how to share


Thanks for coming all the way from California to read to us Tosha


Group photo at the NICU Reunion


"Hurry up and take the picture, Willow's heavy!" says Doctor Goldberg


Hey, check out this cicada!


Willow, please don't eat the bug...


Here Fen, you try it


Thanks for the awesome tandem tricycle Grammy and Grandpa!!!

Cruisin' in style!

Killer parking space at the playground


Hey Mum, check out the picture that Alejandro and I colored


Coloring outside the lines


Hangin' with Liam and Nathan in Colorado


Umhh, Fen, what are you doing to Baxter?  How 'bout we brush him instead? 


Cruisin 'round the kitchen with Aunt Siobhan


Fen, after a hundred laps around the kitchen island


Willow says. "Hey, are you gonna drive that thing or park it?!!!"


Checking out real life tractors with Uncle Geno on the twins' birthday party at Homestead Farm


Willow, making friends with the goat


"You're right Willow, these goats are cool"


Sheep are fun too!



Aunt Connie sharing the finer points of pumpkin picking with Willow

The Twins turn two!!!


Mmmmm... cupcakes

Worshipping the cupcake goddess


Two little pumpkins


Fen helping out


Cousins Alison and Ian



Sunday afternoon at Rock Creek Park


Picture perfect day


This is fun!


Triple trouble trike!

Videos  (take a while to download):

Hayride clip


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