Month 26:  (October 22 - November 15, 2007)  

Ha! I can reach the counter now!  Look out Mummy!!!


Spider hug!!!


Let's get this Halloween/Birthday party started!


Waiting for juicy flies to get trapped in their web...


Hang on Willow! We're gonna perform a roll!


Spiderman Junior


I think we need to put Fen on a diet


Look who fell out of the piņata!


Cruisin' round the "Hilloween" block party at Eastern Market


Willow and Alejandro getting a lesson in Physics... or just playing on the see-saw.


Yay! A visit from Grammy and Grandpa!


Wow Grandpa, you have interesting teeth.


Okay Grammy, you can steal a kiss.


Grandpa donating some new critters to the Zoo


Love those Oompa loompa suits


Movie-time rocks!


Two-year reunion with Nurse Margarita


These trucks at the Building Museum are awesome!!!


"Man, your Mom makes good cupcakes Sam," says Fen.


My turn to take pictures!


Okay Willow, I'm counting to two, then takin' you out!


Bye, bye Diana and Alejandro. We'll sure miss you. Good luck in Colombia!


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