Month 27:  (November 16 - December 22, 2007)  


Yum!!!! Thanksgiving Dinner (at the Mescall's)


Fen's first piano solo


Rugrats on the loose at Eastern Market


Cruisin' the strip with Mum and Papa


Willow, do you know how to drive a stick shift?


Evening at the park with Nana and Mum


Hey! How did that magician do that?


Check out the cool train!!!

Christmastime at the US Botanic Garden is awesome!


Coloring before lunch at the American Indian Museum


Hurry up Papa, it's cold out here!


Okay kids, say "freeeeze"....


Willow, I don't think Mr. Potato Head has the same eyeglass prescription as you...


Okay, take my picture Papa


The twin's first encounter with Santa in real-life at Lincoln Park


Playing in the ball pit at a playmate's birthday party

What does it take to get some cake in this place!


That sure was a fun party.  Thanks and Happy Birthday, Skye!  (We think Anders had fun) too...

Videos (take a while to download):

Future virtuoso


Around we go...


Giggle dance


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