Month 28:  (December 22, 2007 - January 17, 2008)  

Unwrapping the presents is the best part!


Fen playing with the house, and Willow with the cars... so much for stereotypes


You forgot the shopping list? Okay, I'll call Mum.


Grammy's presents just keep coming!!!


Can't decide which present to play with, eh Willow?


Fen, the changing table is not your bed, dude.


Fen, Willow, and Sam, trying not to look like they're having fun at the Botanic Garden


Cruisin' the National Mall


Willow taking a break on the walk home from the Mall


Tickling the ivories on Christmas day at Aunt Cindy's place in Sacramento


Chillin' with Uncle Ed


Fen, loving life at the Sacramento Train Museum


How do you like this outfit Papa?


Willow, groovin' on the jellyfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium


I love you Sea otter!


Can we go swimming?


Good times at the Aquarium with Tosha


C'mon Fen, let's blow this place!


Actually Jacob, I don't think this is a two-seater


What's so funny, Fen?


Good morning cousins!


Wake up Grammy and Grandpa!  There'll be plenty of time to sleep when you get back home!


Breakfast is way more fun with Grammy and cousins Ciana and Jacob!


We gotta get one of these tubes!!!


Sleeping off all of that holiday fun...

Videos (take a while to download):

Dynamic Duet


Bounce mania!

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