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Week 9 (December 8-15, 2005)

Willow and Mum


Willow's expectant gaze


OK Fen, let's do some aerobics... Stretch... two... three...


Willow and Nurse Prima


Ummm... don't you think you should be holding me with two hands Papa?..


No, Nurse Margarita, you can't take them home with you.


Asleep together in Papa's arms in the eerie glow of a neighbor's bili light


Precious Willow


Fen and "Aunt" Gwen


Willow and Gwen


Willow napping in Gwen's arms


Willow reminiscing about the old days when she only weighed 2.2 lbs


"What's with you and the camera Papa?"


Happy, hungry Willow


Late at night, while they were sleeping, the beanie babies attacked...


Willow wakes and wonders, "What's this fuzzy thing on my head?"

Week 10 (December 15-22, 2005)

Papa learns how to bathe Fen


Fen, not too sure about this bath thing


A clean and sparkling Fen with Nurse Tammy. Check out that red hair!


Willow, too tired to finish her meal by bottle, so she gets it via "gaváge"


Nurse Shelly's Christmas feeding song

Week 11 (December 22-29, 2005)

Christmas card attempts...


Great Grandma Biasi and Fen


Grandma Biasi and Fen


Grandpa Biasi and Willow


Fen and Uncle Ed


Papa, Willow, Fen, and Mum


Fen thanking his fans for their continuing support


Fen gets the news that he's going home!


Nurse Jayne helping Fen get ready to go, and not forgetting about Willow


Mum preparing Fen for his big car ride home


Fen gets his first taste of freedom with the help of Nurse Carol


Strapping Fen in for his first car ride


An excited Papa carrying Fen into his new home.


Fen enjoying his first couch potato moment


Fen in his comfy new bassinet. Thanks Aunt Siobhan!

Week 12 (December 29-January 5, 2006)

Willow's last days in the hospital


Happy to be going home


Ready to blow this place!..


Fen says, "Don't worry Willow. It's nice at home."


Willow's first car ride


Papa, bringing his baby girl home


Sharing a crib at home


Fen and Willow with their fuzzy friends


Fen, trying not to spit up on his fancy burp cloth


Fen, enjoying grandma Biasi's shoulder


Fen, after his first bath at home


Our cozy Nursery


It's good to be home...


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