Month 30:  (February 19 - March 13, 2008)  

Creating masterpieces in the Biasi Basement Studio


One more stroke... There we go, it's finished and ready for framing!


Mum, getting into the painting a little too much...


Catching up on the Primary races with Everett during his visit with Tosha.


Anyone need a lift?..


Adventuring on the Metro with Didi, Ada, and Metta


Cruisin' with the big kids...


What a fun visit with Metta and Ada!


Cooking up a storm, like Mum and Papa


Lunch at National Airport with Daniel (anything to keep them entertained)


Overcoming fear of Horseshoe crabs at the Baltimore Aquarium


And I thought you had a big mouth, Fen!


Listen to this burp, James!


 Well, hello there Mr. Fen!


Can you tell it's me in this hat?

Practice gardening on the back deck.


Spiffy haircut and a lollipop... what could be better, Fen?


Willow looking somewhat concerned about her first real haircut


Fen, enjoying the US Botanic Garden with first love... Michelle.


Fen and Willow, looking an awful lot like big kids...


Mommy, did you bring our bathing suits?...


Fen, if you jump in, I'll be right behind you...

Contemplating the life cycle of butterflies with Michelle at the Natural History Museum


Fen, hitching a ride when Mum's not looking


Hurry Willow, there's room for both of us!


Okay Ely, on the count of three, you bump Fen off, and I'll bump Samuel!


And we thought it was tough to give US a bath!


It sure is nice to have an extra set of arms at the Zoo. Thanks Michelle!


Willow, wanting to swim with the seals like her "Black Irish" ancestors

Videos (take a while to download):

Cleaning practice

Futon Mania

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