Month 31:  (March 14 - April 12, 2008)  

Early morning cuddle with Grandpa at the Biasi Family Reunion


Yay!...Grammy Love!


Yes, I do plan to eat everything on my plate... thank you very much!


Let's go! There's a three-alarm fire in the backyard!!!!


Fen, we gotta get one of these!!!


Happy 90th Birthday Great Grandma Biasi!

Raaarrrgh!... birthday cake!!!


One piece of cake wasn't nearly enough, eh Fen?


Okay Willow, nobody's looking... go for it!


Fen, bonding with cousin Tom


These pansies need some wawa Mum


Get your bike out Mum, let's go for a ride!


Here comes Willow!


I wonder if I could drive this thing home?...


Okay Fen, let's get this rig rolling!


If you need us, just ring this bell.


This place is quite comfy. You think it comes with parking?..


 Much needed chill time... for everyone.


It took every bit of restraint to not raspberry those little bellies


Graham crackers for all our Park Pals!


Wishing Mum a Happy Birthday... with faux cake


Drumming with Miss Yuhli and the gang at music class


Papa, it's definitely nap time...


Yay, a visit from Nana!!!

Videos (take a while to download):

Egg hunt


Bouncy Balloons


Drumming lesson

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