Month 32:  (April 15 - May 18, 2008)  

I'm a good tree climber, ay?

Monkey Girl


Back 'er up a little to the right, Fen. You're doing great! (Mail truck at the Postal Museum)

Okay, I think we figured out these controls. Let's get this rig rollin'!

I guess they didn't have car seats on the Pony Express! 

What could be better than digging in the dirt with a giant shovel!

Some quality time with Annie


A game of one-on-one at Francisco's birthday party


Giddy-up Cowboy and Cowgirl


The best part of any party!..


This was fun!!!


Whew, what a day!..


Jammin' on the big drum in Music Class!


Tickling the ivories


Seeming serious on Mother's Day at Aunt Connie's


I had you going for a minute, didn't I?...


I love you too, Aunt Connie


Do you think Fen's obsessed with buses?


Me, I'm into boogers!


Okay, Piņata... Kiss your butt goodbye!


I'm gonna get me some candy!!!...



Videos (take a while to download):



Papa, binky...

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