Month 33:  (May 18 - June 15, 2008)  

Communing with Nature on Roosevelt Island on the Potomac

I thought you said this was a short hike, Papa...


Chillin' with some snacks and cartoons in the rec room


Nice to meet you, Mr. Duck... but stay away from my snacks.


Giddyup little cowgirl!


Willow taking Aunt Connie for a walk in the woods


Blissfully unaware of the troll beneath the bridge...


How come your dinner always tastes better than mine Papa?..


A lovely visit from the Emmrich clan


Experimenting with different potty training props...


But I don't want to draw a picture of a poop Mama...


Dining in style at Fitz's


Willow, you made that up. Thomas the Train didn't run over Sir Topham Hat!


Don't mess with the Swamp Thing!


Willow, do you think anyone will notice if I hop into this Lemur exhibit?


Willow, stop showing off to Roshan how much food you can shove in your mouth


Partying like rock stars at Anya's Birthday.

Whataya mean "real" pirates don't eat raisins out of a little box?

Graduates of Miss Yuli's music class, Spring 2008


Teaching water conservation at Roshan's place


Willow, camped out at the craft table at the MOTH (Mom's On The Hill) Annual Picnic


Fen, suffering the pain of his first tatoo


I know I'll regret this Pokemon tatoo when I'm 53...


Summer lovin'


Keep those kisses coming...


All germs for one and one germ for all!


Thanks for coming to visit us Adriana. We missed you!

Videos (take a while to download):

Wet lunch at the National Sculpture Garden

Hide & Seek with Great Grandma Biasi


Dumping the kiddie pools


Sidewalk Slip 'n Slide


Bucket Brigade

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