Month 35:  (July 15 - August 15, 2008)  

Swim lessons in Aunt Deer and Diane's pond in Brewster, Cape Cod


C'mon Deer, let me steer this thing!


I could stay in this tube all day! (and she pretty much did)


Wow, I didn't know they made frogs that small!


Playtime huddle with Aunt Siobhan


Fen the Flying Fairy takes off!


I think I'll try this hairdoo when I get older, okay Papa?


Can't smile... eating cake.


Welcome to the Griffith's Pond Puppet Theater, featuring Willow, Fen, Nathan and Deer!


Ice cream cones and a visit from Jenna and Chris! What an afternoon!


Busy little beach boy


Storytime with Aunts Siobhan and Pam


Willow sandwich from Aunt Deer and Joanita


Truckfest with Liam and Nathan


All aboard Harbormaster Tom's boat!


Whoa Fen! Watch out for the yacht!


Thar be a pirate ship off the starboard side!

Thanks for an awesome voyage Captain Tom!


What a great vacation we had on the Cape this year!


This is really OUR yard! Yippee!!!


Cousins Chloe and Ciana digging for treasure with Fen and Willow on the NJ shore.


Five little monkeys lying in a bed!


Chillin' with Chloe and Claire


Ahhh, heaven.


Bubbles, the thrill never dies...


Uhhh, can you please take this...


It's okay Fen, you can let go of the side of the pool!


Feasting on Goldfish with Daniel at Lincoln Park 


What could be better than popsicles in the rain?..


One happy little girl...


Got another popsicle, Papa?..


Exploring the creek near our house

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