Month 36:  (August 15 - September 15, 2008)  

Seeking shade in the backyard with Nana


Why don't you come join us for lunch?


Pull harder Willow, before Anja finds her whip!


Appearances are secondary when trucks are involved...

Can we go skinny dipping again when we finish our plums?

Round and round the carousel at Glen Echo Park!


Help! I think this tiger just growled!


"He did growl!" says Nana


We're not the least bit scared of a humongous bunny


Cupcake eating is serious business...  Happy birthday Roshan!!!

Enjoying a morbidly fascinating visit to the National Museum of Health and Medicine with cousin Ellen (a nurse) from the UK


Don't we look healthy Papa?


Cruisin' round the yard with Jen and little Lily


Fin de partie, with Pierre, Chloe, and Loic


6 inches of rain = a creek in the backyard!


Don't worry Papa, I'll stop the flow!


Yay, we made it through the storm


Focusing hard on the first day of preschool


Whoa, I've never seen that shape before.


Sleeping like babies in their new "big kid" beds...


Photo op with the bronze bear at the zoo.


I just love your fuzzy hairdoos Mr. and Mrs. Common-crowned Pigeon


Training for the 2020 Olympics


Do you mind?..  We're trying to sleep here.

Videos (take a while to download):

Team puzzling

Animals climbing up our legs... 

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