Month 37:  (September 15 - October 19, 2008)  

How about these 'doos Mummy?


Fen's first encounter with a cello. 

Plunkety, plunk


The twins turn three...


Happy little homemakers testing out their new birthday kitchen


Cooking up a storm!


Can we build it?..  Yes we can!!


Smashing stereotypes, one toy at a time...


Experiencing a live cheetah with Maura's colleague Cat with the Cheetah Conservation Fund


Pit stop in the cul de sac


Superman and Princess Willow ready for adventurous dreams (yes, those are pajamas)


The Movie Zone...


Learning about tropical reef fish at the Smithsonian's new Ocean Hall


Drumming with Lilian and friends at Rock Creek Park.

Videos (take a while to download):

I love you, you love me...


Twinkle, twinkle (she was sick and feeble, but happy to sing)

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