Month 40:  (December 20 - January 18, 2008)  

Who knew the supermarket could be so much fun...


Holiday hiking with Aunts Deer and Diane


Rock-chuckin' at the creek


Look Willow, that bear is really close.


Creating worlds in the magic tent


A lovely visit from Adriana and her family


Pit stop for a photo op


Watch our for Willow on Wheels!


Christmas Tree 2008


A happy builder boy getting to open a gift before Christmas


Ready for Santa on Christmas Eve


Putting the new dump truck to work on Christmas Eve


Wait til the kids see this!


Admiring their new easel on Christmas morning


Willow, sporting her new bathrobe and pink-haired doll, which she promptly named Dolly Moll


Using the easel the first time


Hiking with Gwen and her boys Calvin and Eric


Ha, if you think I'm going to bed anytime soon Papa!


The tree that fell in our yard during a windstorm, converted to a jungle gym


We love the new lawn furniture Papa!

Love that New Year tiara Willow!


We're so glad you're here Nana!


More rock-chuckin' at the creek with Ada and Metta


So nice of you to visit Bierle's, all the way from Seattle


Biasi's with the Bierle girls

Video (takes a while to download):

Worker Man

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