Month 42:  (February 18 - March 22, 2009)  

A chip off her Mama's block...


What are you lookin' at?


Hey, what's going on up the street?


Cool, man!!!  Firefighters in training at the neighbor's house, before it gets demolished!


Killer view of the training exercises!


Willow in awe of the female firefighter.  Fen, too embarassed to even look up....


No Fen, it's not a dream...


Decorating gift bags for toys to give away to needy kids


Rockin' out with Firefighter Fen!


Woohoo, finally some real snow!


Angel 1

Angel 2

Angel Twins!

Is Thor chasing Willow, or is Willow chasing Thor?


Yes, I like green eggs and ham


Our handsome guy


First dentist appointment


Hey, I think you missed a spot


Bike gang in the cul de sac


Cruisin' with Hunter and Alexis on his new big kid bike


Almost ready to lose the training wheels after just two weeks!


Mum's chocolate frosting is not to be wasted...


I'll do whatever it takes...


To get the last bit!

Willow passing along her booster seat to baby Maite


I must be a big boy now


Faster Andres, faster!

Romantic dinner and campfire on the patio with Hanna and Maite


What a fun visit from Adriana and her family

Videos (take a while to download):

Monkey boy


Big kid bikes in action


Fen on wheels

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