Month 43:  (March 23 - April 16, 2009)  

Really?  We're cleared for take off?..

Mad chase through the Air and Space Museum


Wicked cool sightseeing with Cousins Brenda, Sebastian, Ted, and Isabel


That's an SR71 Blackbird!!!


Cuddle break with Mama


Story time with Grandpa


TV time with Grammy


A boy and his Grandpa


Coloring eggs with Grammy and cousins Claire and Chloe


"Gee Fen, you sure know alot about trucks." says cousin Claire.


"Smile Fen, maybe they'll let us try the dessert." says Chloe.


The Easter Fairy lands in the yard


The Hunt is on!


Woohoo! Success!!


Man, the Easter Bunny was tricky this year!


Fen, teaching cousins Chloe and Claire the ways of the cul de sac


Happy Birthday Uncle Geno and Mama!


Easter Sunday with Great Grandma Biasi


Fen, you really need to work on your photo smile...


Hold on Papa, don't fall off the boulder...


Climb on up Uncle Geno!


Thanks for coming to visit, Aunt Liz


Can't you stay a little longer Great Grandma and Cousin Ann?


You are SO cute Grandpa!!!


So nice to see you Aunt Connie


Starting them recycling early...

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