Month 45:  (May 16 - June 17, 2009)  

Post-piñata candy ecstasy at Julian's birthday party


Releasing ladybugs in Julian's family's garden


We have room for ladybugs at our place too!


Hands-on experience with the mini-excavator helping the Higgin's clear bamboo


Equal opportunity equipment operation


Getting to know aquatic life at the Baltimore Aquarium with Daniel and family


Hello Mr. Bigtooth River Stingray


Fen, the sign says you're not allowed to kiss the fish...


Anja's birthday party offering another chance to whack a piñata!


Mum, moderating the candy scrum...


Smile, while you still have teeth in your mouth kids...


Bedroom Ballet (you gotta check out the video below!)


A visit from our friendly neighborhood Eastern box turtle


Cool! He has a helmet over his whole body!


Backyard going away party for Thor and family


Come on James, you can bounce with us!


Thanks for the rockin' moon bounce Ana and family!


Barbeque abondanza!


Driveway drag race


Cheers to Thor, Amy, and Rick!

Video (takes a while to download):

Post-bath Bedroom Ballet

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