Month 46:  (June 18 - July 15, 2009)  

Willow, you can have a lick of mine if I can have one of yours...


Despite Fen's expression, it was a great visit from Aunt Bridget and Cousin Aaron and Natalie from Bristol


We love you Aunt Bridget!


Okay, get back to pushing Natalie and Aaron!


Willow, hangin' with her buds out on the deck


Ahoy Liam, Fen, Willow and Aunt Deer!  Welcome to Cape Cod!


I don't seem to have an airtight seal, Mum


Slightly scary swimming lessons with Papa


Clothing-optional fishing with Fen and Aunt Pam


Hey Liam, what's with these Biasi kids sharing their ice cream cones?


All for one and one for all!!!


Reviewing the workplan for a sand castle

A determined little girl

This will be the strongest sand tower in the world!


Boating with Papa


C'mon Papa, lets go find a bigger boat!


Ahhh... a day at the beach!


Yay for vacation!!!


Perfect day to fly a kite!


Yes, we're superstars


Captivated by the puppet show at Cape Cod Children's Museum with cousins Chloe and Claire


Hey, why do they call these things manholes?


Best we could do...


Moon bouncin' with the Irish cousins Niamh, Aoife & Ruairi.


The Griffiths Pond Puppet Show. Always a tour de force.


Making sand art with Aunt Deer's help


Hangin' with cousin Sinead


A solid, happy chunk of the Mannion Clan (really, just a tiny percent)


Thanks Deer, Diane and Jeff, for having such an awesome place!


Fireside cuddling with Sinead and Aunt Barbara


Who has the marshmallows?


So great seeing you Aunts Siobhan and Pam


The lovely Sullivan Girls


Back home, catchin' up with our awesome neighbor, Alexis


It's nice to be small sometimes...


Videos (take a while to download):



The Moon slide


Join the parade!

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