Month 47:  (July 16- Aug 15, 2009)  

Munching daintily at Aunt Sylvia's orchestra picnic


Can't talk... eating


No, you can't have a bite Mama.


Do you really think that looks like a butterfly Aunt Syl?..


Fen's truck looked more like a butterfly


The Ice Cream Boogie


Annie, perfectly positioned for the inevitable cone drop...


We turn around for five minutes and they've created a nude beach on the flooded carpet that we put out to dry


Perching on the boulder with Fitz


How can we even consider separate bedrooms?..


First glimpse of the new (used) backyard playset!




We can even play in this tree fort when it's raining!


This tree fort is awesome Mum and Papa!


Can we sleep out here Mum?


Papa, relieved that the epic playset project is finally finished... except for the woodchips and sod.


This thing is sure to provide hours of freedom (for Mum and Papa)...


What could be better...


Wishing for nothing more than a tasty cupcake on Papa's birthday at Aunt Syl's...


Dan, not realizing that Fen has just figured out how to drive his Mustang..


Attempting every conceivable way down the slide.


This should help with your smelly feet Fen


Your turn Willow


You look funny scuba boy!  No, YOU look funny goggle girl!


"Helping" Mum with the last few loads of woodchips

Video (takes a while to download):

Countertop silliness


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