Month 49:  (September 15 - October 15, 2009)  

Little bums


Do you like my little shell?


Billy lids on the Billy Goat Trail (Fen's still holding his shell)

Good idea Mum. The deer are going to love these rotten tomatoes!


Decorating the driveway with mythical beasts


Pre-bed book club


The Flower fairy alights on the woodchip pile


Beauty and the Beast


Fun times with Alexis


Anja, what a great idea to have your birthday party at the Zoo. Your Mom makes killer pumpkin cake too!


Hmmm... How can I take that fascinating book from Fen without him screaming?..


October 13th:  A birthday kiss from a firendly calf at Homestead Farm


Your horns aren't as sharp as they look, little billy goat


Getting ready for a hayride with her buddies Hannah, Avery, and Anja


This is the most fun, ever!


Papa, I want to live on a farm when I grow up


So many pumpkins, so little time...


Hey Cassidy, where's your pumpkin... and your smile?


I see another pumpkin that I want...


The old tickle treatment from James


A boy satisfied with his pumpkin choice...


Good, clean, drizzly family fun!


What do you mean the hayride's almost over?!!!


The organizer in her glory.


A boy, his Papa, and a pumpkin.


Ensemble cast


Brendan, Avery, Hannah, and Elizabeth seeking shelter from the drizzle


Extracurricular bonding with Willow's preschool buddy, Cassidy


What are you laughing at?


The Party Pavillion


Queuing up for some serious cake eating


This is the best cake I've ever had!


Cuddling up with our new friend Kai


Round two in the pumpkin patch


Something tells me we're gonna see alot of of this face over the coming years...


Yeah, I'm cool.


All aboard the choo-choo train at Burke Lake Park!


This train simply rocks...


Round and round the carousel with Miho


Intermission between performances at the Burke Lake outdoor stage


Our jaunty young fellow


Lovely little lady of the lake


With a whole couch to spread out and watch a movie, where do they sit?..


Opening birthday gifts from Mum and Papa. Fen can't take his eyes off his new "mote control" racecar.


Playing with the new toys before bed.


Master of the 'mote control...

Video (takes a while to download):

All aboard the hayride

Performance at Burke Lake

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