Month 5:

Fen showing off his big blue eyes


Fen and Papa chillin' after a nice bottle of milk


"Papa, I'd like to discuss a possible increase in my allowance."


Fen teaching Papa how to whistle


Hmmm... what should I be when I grow up?..

Conservationist or Investment banker?...


Hmmm... what should I have for lunch?...

I know! Milk!!!...


What's so funny? Why are you looking at me like that?


Mum noticing how big Miss Willow is getting


Willow asks, "Papa, why do I always have to wear this bib?"


Willow asleep on Nana's lap after a big bottle of milk


Good morning Willow!!!


Is it time to play?...


Thank you for a lovely bottle of milk Mum.


I don't know what that thing is, but it's fascinating!


Fen mesmerized


This seems like a fine place for a nap...


I wonder how long I'll be strapped to this pillow...


Fen, I really don't appreciate that type of humor


Introducing... Wonderful Willow and FABULOUS FEN!

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