Month 6: Weeks 21-22 | Weeks 23-24

Weeks 21-22 (March 3-16, 2006)

Willow enjoying Great Grandma Biasi's arms


"Are you sure I'm related to this lady?" says Willow of her Great Aunt Liz


Fen, showing his happy side. ...we worked hard for this one.


"Silly Papa, these pants don't match this jacket!" laughs Willow


Fen asks, "How cute am I?"


Willow chatting with Great Aunt Barbara


Willow doing some self-paced learning


The twins with their new baby sitter Minnie.


Life is good, hey Willow?..


Who tooted?...


Weeks 23-24 (March 17-30, 2006)

Fen with Grandpa Biasi, whose side of the family he seems to resemble


Fen enjoying Grandma, a book, and swinging... all at once!!!


Not identical, but yes, we're twins...


Thanks Aunt Winnie for sending these cool jackets, all the way from Ireland!


Willow, didn't you get the email to wear blue stripes today?


Ready to go for a ride Fen?


Do you think I'll be warm enough?


More interested in the camera than the rattle, ay?..


Will you take the picture already?!!!...


"I get to take a nap... nanny nanny poo poo..." teases Willow


Don't you look content, Mr. Fen


What a happy boy!


Our little model


Fen thinks, "Hmmm, I wonder if I can snatch that rattle when she's not looking..."


Aaahhh... sunshine!...


Papa, wishing he was getting carried around


See y'all later


Weeks 21-22 | Weeks 23-24

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