Month 61:  (September 13 - October 17, 2010)  

Learning what to do in the event of an emergency

Looking for rabbits, snakes and wild turkeys at the natural area near Grandpa's place

Walking sticks are key

Unfortunately, we didn't see any...

Happy 5th birthday Jacob, Willow, and Fen!



Batman delivers the goods

Negotiating over the booty

Geez, Lake Tahoe is kinda cold...

The water is so clear!

Wanna come in with me Grammy?

Climbing rocks at Tahoe Ridge

Are we lost Papa?

Marveling at the Kokonee Salmon Run at Taylor Creek in Eldorado National Forest

If you're at Tahoe in October you have to check this out

Awesome outing with Grammy and Grandpa!

Here fishy fishy...

The stream profile was way cool

Construction project at Baldwin Beach in South Lake Tahoe

What a gorgeous setting...

Can we move to California?...

Fast forward to Willow and Fen's birthday party at Homestead Farm in Maryland!

Here goatie goatie...

Yeeeehaaaw!  Hayride time!!!

Cool girls corner...

Perfect day for a hayride!

The Pumpkin Patch

I saw it first!

The best group pose we could get

...and the best twin pose

This is super fun!

What could be better?

The post-hayride birthday picnic

Thanks for pulling this together Mum!

Of course they each need their own cake... one chocolate, one vanilla

Putting the new racetrack through its paces

Taking the neighbor's Caddy for a spin

Cool Montessori-style birthday celebration

Our wonderful teachers Miss Francis, Miss Weena, and Miss Annie

Yet another birthday celebration, at home with the family

Thanks for coming over Aunt Connie!

You can't catch me Uncle Geno!

Geekin' on the Geckos exhbit at the National Geographic Museum

I like the way you colored that Phelsuma madagascariensis, Willow

The Wild Music exhibit was cool too!

Funnest of all was adding to the whiteboard in Papa's office

We found this makeshift shelter under a Willow tree on the banks of the Potomac near the Lincoln Memorial

This place is kinda spooky!

Chillin' at the Lincoln Memorial

What a fun afternoon with Papa!

Gathering leaves for the Halloween scarecrow


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