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Weeks 25-26 (March 31-April 13, 2006)

Okay, we're ready to go to the Park!


Fen, are you sure you know how to drive this thing?..


Annie, wondering if the walk is over.


Thanks for taking me to the Park, Mum and Papa


Fen learning all about ladybugs


Willow, devouring another book


"Hee hee, Fen looks like he's working on something..." laughs Willow


Our little flower child Fen


Willow, waiting for something fun to happen.


Fen, so happy, he could fly away!


Video Clips (careful, they take a while to download)

Willow laughing

Where's my hello?...

Weeks 27-28 (April 14-27, 2006)

Aunt Eva with her new niece


Fen with Aunt Eva and Uncle John


The twins first hike at Great Falls, VA


Nana, Mum, and Willow at Great Falls


Nana with her little Easter bunnies


Fen with Uncle Geno


Willow, hamming it up for the camera


Fen, reveling in his chubbiness


Fen's first taste of solid food.  Mmmm... oatmeal.


Wow, that dryer made us dizzy...


The twins first sporting event, watching the Nationals get creamed by the Reds


Fen, too cool to watch the game


Willow, enjoying the attention more than the game


Frank learning what a chick magnet babies are


Adrienne revealing the cutie under the strawberry hat

Weeks 25-26 | Weeks 27-28

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