November 2011 

Willow loses her first baby tooth!

Welcome to Colorado Aunt Deer!

Willow's not so sure about the new double tag-a-long, but Fen's ready to roll

Hey it works, and everyone loves it!

Happy Birthday Aunt Deer!

Play-doh playtime with Aunt Pam

Ahh the autumn leaf pile...

Don't even think about taking me down Papa...

Betcha can't catch me Fen

Bracing for impact

What could be more fun than this?

What could be sweeter than this?

Thanksgiving Lego-fest with the cousins

Willow sporting some awesome reindeer slippers

Cousins Rob, Tom, Gina, Lisa, and Papa with Grandma Biasi (Willow and Fen's Great Grandma)

The whole Biasi-Patriarca crew on Thanksgiving 2011!

Nothing like a hug from GGB (Great Grandma Biasi)!

Showing Grammy our mad reading skills

Carving walking sticks with Grandpa

Hamming it up

Shooting a real bow and arrow with Uncle Gerry

Fen hit the target on his first shot!

Willow did great too

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