October 2011 

Happy Birthday Fen!  Like your new guitar?  This may be a classic pic someday...

Indian Princess with her magical new flute.

Happy sixth birthday Willow and Fen !!!

Feeding chickens with Aunt Anne and cousins at the twin's birthday party at Cottonwood Farm in Boulder

Figuring out the hay maze with cousin Colleen


Aha!  Now I see the pattern!

Hayride time!

Lunch and cupcakes!

Finally, the cupcakes!

Fun was had by all!

Allright, lets find some perfect pumpkins!

Now those are some perfect pumpkins!

With Cousin Colleen

With Aunt Anne and Mum

Think we got enough pumpkins Mum?...

All were successful in Pumpkinquest!

Day after the party at Liam's track meet.  Way to run Liam!

A village of jack-o-lanterns!

Ahhh... where to begin...

Like my Tootsie Pop bouquet?

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